What is your new year resolution for 2016-2017

Okey Okey! Now you got Surprised why i have written a blog on “what is your new year resolution for 2016-2017” ?


Well, It’s Month end of March. and we all know most of the Indian Companies gives their financial reports. For them, April month is Q1 and so a new year ahead for their business.. am i right?

So many from us in beginning of 2016 January, had promised or had thought on few New Year Resolutions.. Remember if we fail, used to say full Jan is there for new year resolution. 😉

No worries, we have got few more days to make resolutions once again.

I can give one suggestion to all of you including me: As like MNCs we too can make or divide  Resolutions/Goals in Q1,Q2,Q3 and Q4.

Q1: April to June Q2: July to Sept Q3: Oct to Dec and Q4: Jan to Mar

usually in childhood i used to write something on Diary.. later on i forgot, but again i have started my Goals in Diary and i feel it’s good habit.


Okey so one by one everyone will share their own resolution in comment [ either here or on my social media posts 😉 ]

Also i request everyone to use #Q1NewYear on 1st April and on 2nd April 2016 on Social Media Platforms.


My Goals:

Q1: To write more blogs on different niche , Aim is to get atleast 1000$ in Q1. Always trying to be a Good Growth Hacker, so my research and work will go on Growth hacking.

Q2: Teaching Digital marketing ,SEO, Social Media etc to atleast 1500+ students/anyone in Free of Cost. Being entrepreneur in Q2 😉

Q3: Hope to get many Projects related to my skills

Q4:  Aim is to get 10k $ from Adsense and affiliate/banner/content/review marketing.


Now it’s your turn 😉 i would love to know yours’ New Year Resolution for 2016-2017

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