Give Your Best Shot – No Matter What

There is one inspirational story in my mind that I can’t wait to share with you. It’s related to a sergeant in Hungarian army – Karoly Takacs

At the age 28 [1938], Karoly was the top pistol shooter . He had won most of the national, International Championships. He was waiting for 1940 Olympics.His eyes was to win the Gold medal.. But before that, he was in a Army training & a hand grenade exploded in Karoly’s right hand .and his dream was just destroyed .


Instead of taking sympathy,he looked for ways to convert his dream into beautiful reality. He was in hospital for a month.He had lost one hand but he had not lost ATTITUDE to win a Gold medal. He had all attitude and determination with him. People might be thinking he will not be able to do anything.. but inside his heart, there was rays of Hope.

He had hope to succeed, he found he has a Healthy and functional hand with him. He started practice with left hand. He knows he will get pain, he knows he is left handed . But he focused on his Dream and he started practicing shooting from his left hand.

One year later,

Karoly went into National shooting championship in Hungary.His friends/colleagues were surprised to see him and cheer up on his courage. But Karoly surprised them by saying he was there to compete with them. And he won.

But his Olympic Dream could not be fulfilled as next 2 Olympic got cancelled  because of world war.. he never lost his hope, determination, attitude and will power.

He waited and won the Gold medal in 1948/52 Olympic.

A Must Watch – The Most Powerful Real-Life Inspirational Story Ever! by Sandeep Maheshwari:


For success one must have :

Goal/ Dream


Will Power

No Fear of anything

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