List of Business Ideas with low investment for Small Towns in India like Patna

It’s not about only Patna. These ideas can be implement into any other small town. Sometimes we read articles or see in news about Big Ideas from small towns.

I will start with one small story: in my 10th, i had started a computer coaching classes with the Aim to create some skills within young brigades. and had bought 4 desktop with the help of family. those days computer learning was just begun in Bihar. yes, i am talking about 2002. in few circumstances, i stopped teaching and went Patna for IIT preparation. In those days, the mindset of parents was: either be an engineer or doctor or else start preparing for UPSC,Banking or Railways Jobs.

In Patna, i was just seeing banners of coaching centers for IIT,Medical,UPSC,Banking etc.. But couldn’t find a single institutes which were giving training on skills and later on assisting for a Job. The engineering colleges were only 6 and It was a huge Gap and hence you can see Boom of Consultancy Services and Coaching Centers in Patna. and i still feel the same Gap is there..

So, who will #FillTheGaps ?

Either you or me.. it was history where people mindset was to get a education in good colleges and do good job in big towns. History always change. and i bet that city like Patna will grow and can be a good money machine town. Only if you think Hatke and have some Jugaad.

Small towns in India are the new playground for startups.

Small towns in India are the new playground for startups.

Anyways, lets concentrate on List of Business Ideas with low investment for Small Towns in India like Patna:

  • Digital Marketing,Blogging,Content Marketing Services,SEO,Social Media Services,Video marketing,Affiliate marketing,Product reviews for small medium business.
  • Web Development, and making offline business in to online eCommerce.
  • Skills Development Training is need in colleges. also Business Coaches
  • Production of Organic Produce: Fruits/vegetables etc.
  • Tea/Coffee bean/Bonsai Tree farming.
  • Broadband internet provider.
  • Event management/ Professional Wedding Planner.
  • Gym/Food Court/Resorts but it would be expansive.
  • Sell local clothes/Products online on eCommerce portals or create your own.
  • English Trainer
  • A professional Recruitment, Real estate, Educational agency.
  • A professional Yoga instructor.
  • Resume writing, Personality development program.
  • Delivery services will boom for any industry.
  • Cab/auto/bike services on App based
  • Online Plumber works, cleaning services.
  • Nutrition and health education – Dietitian.
  • Personal Bankers/Investors/Give guide in Investment/LIC etc.
  • Pets business, instructors.
  • Do some interesting, be famous locally and try to be a good leader/politician.


India has many problems hence it require solutions. Just think and act. think different, do different. Be Yourself!

So, what else in your mind, i would be happy to know new ideas in comment 🙂

One major benefits in doing business at Home town: Stay close to Home and Family 🙂

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